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Kennedy Side View

Common Resources

Searchable Campus Map
Stanford People Finder
Marguerite Bus Live Map
Mailing Address Format
FixIt Maintenance Requests
Dining Hall Menu
Emergency Resources
Campus Phone: 9-911
Cellphone: 911
Palo Alto Dispatch: (650) 329-2413
Stanford Hospital ER: (650) 723-5111
GLO Dean on call: (650) 723-7288
     Pager ID: #25085
Locked Out?
Daytime: Go to Kennedy Front Desk (free pass!)
After Hours: (650) 725-1602 (first time free)
Kennedy Front Desk: (650) 724-0544


If you live in building... Your CAs are... Type of building CA Mailing List
Hastorf Chandler Brown
Grace Han
Singles and Couples kennedy-hastorf-ca
Lieberman Yanick Mulumba
Franco Faucher
Singles kennedy-lieberman-ca
Miller Rian Lawrence
Jerika Chiong
Rubén González
Singles kennedy-miller-ca
Rosse Rebecca Mancusi
Angela Tsao
Singles kennedy-rosse-ca