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Kennedy Interior

Common Resources

Searchable Campus Map
Stanford People Finder
Marguerite Bus Live Map
Mailing Address Format
FixIt Maintenance Requests
Dining Hall Menu
Emergency Resources
Campus Phone: 9-911
Cellphone: 911
Palo Alto Dispatch: (650) 329-2413
Stanford Hospital ER: (650) 723-5111
GLO Dean on call: (650) 723-7288
     Pager ID: #25085
Locked Out?
Daytime: Go to Kennedy Front Desk (free pass!)
After Hours: (650) 725-1602 (first time free)
Kennedy Front Desk: (650) 724-0544

Mailing Lists

Each Kennedy building has three mailing lists:

Resident List
This list is used by your building's CAs to send information about events and other important information that affects your building. Residents cannot send messages to these lists.
Chat List
Any member of your building can send messages to the chat list about any topic. Lost your keys? Need a hammer, or a pinch of salt? Selling tickets to the game? Use the chat list! Note: Chat lists are moderated, and each building's CAs do their best to approve emails as quickly as possible; however, please understand that there may be a delay for emails pending moderation.
CA List
This list can be used to send a message to all of your building's CAs at once. If you need to ask a question but aren't sure which CA to ask, this is the fastest way to reach them all. That said, you're always welcome to contact your CAs individually!

In addition, there exists a Kennedy-wide mailing lists, which is used by your CAs to send information about community-wide events and information. Residences cannot send messages to this list.

You are automatically subscribed to your building's resident and chat lists when you move in, or you can subscribe yourself by visiting Stanford's Mailman portal > "Subscribe or unsubscribe to a list" > enter the name of the list you want to subscribe to (e.g., kennedy-rosse) > enter your email address and click "Subscribe." If for any reason you would like to unsubscribe from these lists, you can do so by emailing (e.g.,, or by visiting > click the list you want to unsubscribe from > you can either disable mail delivery, turn on mail digests instead of receiving emails one at a time, or unsubscribe outright.

Mailing Lists by Building

All lists are

Building Resident List Chat List CA List
Hastorf kennedy-hastorf kennedy-hastorf-chat kennedy-hastorf-ca
Lieberman kennedy-lieberman kennedy-lieberman-chat kennedy-lieberman-ca
Miller kennedy-miller kennedy-miller-chat kennedy-miller-ca
Rosse kennedy-rosse kennedy-rosse-chat kennedy-rosse-ca